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There are many myths and half-truths about the use of cannabis and cannabis products in intimate and sexual life. Objectively speaking, there is no universal answer, only many variations and individual experiences. Let's see in which areas cannabis can serve unambiguously well.

Pain relief

Cannabis is widely known to help with pain. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can also relieve menstrual pain. This was known, for example, to Queen Victoria, who is said to have used it for this purpose.

In recent years, an American company has been very successful in producing vaginal cannabis suppositories, which bring relief to their users almost immediately after introduction. The active substances enter the body through the vaginal wall, so the onset of pain relief occurs within approximately 20 min of application.

Aphrodidiac and stimulating effects

The same company has also launched a cannabis-infused lubricating gel that promises to increase users' tactile sensations while reducing overall tension and discomfort. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that the product has a preventive effect against vaginal dryness. Among the big draws is the promise of a deep and prolonged orgasmic experience.

Likewise, hemp oil is widely known to have aphrodisiac effects. Its uses are, of course, much more varied, but for this particular case you could try using it for a sensual relaxing massage as part of a lovemaking foreplay. Some experiences simply work much better from a default state of relaxation of the body. If you are tense, the chances of a pleasurable experience are almost nil.

Intimate hygiene

Cannabis also has major benefits for intimate hygiene. Forget perfumed soaps and shower gels. Intimate cleansing and washing products must meet different criteria and have an alkaline pH. Try our hemp intimate cleansing gel, which is characterised by its very gentle formula, enriched with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), tea tree oil and rosemary extract. It has a soothing effect and guarantees a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Due to its very gentle natural composition, it is suitable for everyday use. You can also reach for it in situations requiring special care.

These include in particular menstruation, sexual intercourse (hygiene before and after), sporting activity (especially visiting communal swimming pools and saunas) and other situations accompanied by excessive sweating (e.g. In conditions outside the home - at work, when travelling - keep a suitable wet wipe in reserve to help save the situation, at least in a general way. Also be careful when taking antibiotics, which can disrupt the natural microflora of your body in general.

Other benefits of hemp intimate wash gel include that it is also suitable for men. Minimize the amount of cosmetics in your bathroom and choose only those of the highest quality.

As with any other herb, it is important to use the beneficial effects of cannabis in a respectful and safe manner. Our natural hemp cosmetics and quality hemp foods are fully at your disposal for this purpose.



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