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Menstruation is an important part of every woman's life, this special moment is a transformative period of entering a new cycle. With hormonal fluctuations, a woman's body, mood and outward appearance change. However, menstruation can also be a very painful and unpleasant experience for many women. Menstrual pain can be effectively controlled, and in a completely natural way. With the help of cannabis.

Effective pain relief

Since time immemorial, cannabis has been an effective tool for women suffering from menstruation. Queen Victoria is one of the most famous users of cannabis to relieve menstrual pain. However, the history of cannabis use in this context goes back much further. The wisdom of natural peoples can inspire us today; it is good to stay in touch with our own roots and to realise that, despite all modern advances, we are still part of nature.

The effects of cannabis have also been used very successfully for serious painful conditions. In this completely natural way, we have an interesting alternative to conventional analgesics. It is therefore not surprising that cannabis can also be a good helper for menstrual difficulties.

Vaginal suppositories - the hit of the American market

One American company has been very successful in recent years in producing vaginal suppositories made from cannabis that bring relief to their users almost immediately after insertion. The active ingredients enter the body through the vaginal wall, so pain relief occurs within about 20 minutes of application. This natural alternative to other menstrual pain medications is certainly the exciting music of the future.

Hemp vaginal suppositories are essentially a modern way of administering an ancient medicine that has been commonly used by women for centuries.

Benefits of a cone for intimate hygiene

During menstruation, increased intimate hygiene is necessary. The key to success is choosing the right detergent. Forget perfumed soaps and shower gels. The intimate cleanser and wash must meet various criteria, it must have an alkaline pH. Try our hemp intimate wash gel, which has a very gentle formula enriched with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), tea tree oil and rosemary extract. It has a soothing effect and guarantees a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Thanks to its very mild natural composition, it is suitable for everyday use. It can also be used in situations that require special care (sports activity, sexual intercourse, gynaecological examinations, taking antibiotics). Other advantages of hemp gel for intimate hygiene include the fact that it is also suitable for men. Minimize the amount of cosmetics in the bathroom and choose only the best quality ones.

Hemp is a plant with incredible and in many ways undiscovered potential. It should be approached with respect and its effects on one's own body tested in a safe way. You cannot go wrong with our products.