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Many of you have begun to realize that modern cosmetics are full of chemicals and artificial substances that burden not only our skin and body, but also the environment.

Are you even aware of what substances you are actually applying to your skin?

It has been proven by experts that substances from cosmetics enter our body through the skin. If cosmetics contain unsuitable chemicals, our body may not be able to break them down. This can lead to clogging of the body, blockage of the lymphatic system, deposition of substances in the liver, kidneys or nodes, and even the development of cancer with prolonged use.

Therefore, natural cosmetics are also suitable for allergy sufferers and those who have problems with sensitive skin. It is the best choice for the health of the whole family, but also for nature and our planet.

Natural hemp cosmetics Carun

Natural Czech cosmetics Carun contains oils and plant extracts in the highest possible quality, some products are certified as BIO or are even in RAW quality. This means that the substances contained do not pass through a temperature higher than 42 °C, so that the active ingredients are preserved to the maximum.

The products do not contain systemic fragrances, coservatives, dyes, silicones or mineral oils. The ingredients are free of animal products, therefore Vegan and the cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Carun natural hemp cosmetics are created with love and respect for people, plants, animals and Mother Nature.