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How to care for hair in the winter months? What to watch out for, how to follow step by step to keep your hair healthy and beautiful?

Focus not only on external care with a good quality shampoo and complementary hair care products, but also make sure you get enough nutrients. Take advantage of the exceptional potential of hemp products.

Sufficient nutrients are essential

Give your hair plenty of nutrients. Start with a varied diet. Make sure you get enough fruit and vegetables. Take advantage of natural supplements. Focus especially on iron, calcium, zinc and silicon. Hemp seed is an important natural source of these. Take 1-2 tablespoons every day to benefit your hair as well as your whole body.

Suitable cosmetics

As far as direct hair care in winter is concerned, your bathroom should not lack a nourishing yet gentle shampoo, a hair mask (e.g. home-made) or a rinse-free treatment. The rule of thumb is to apply the mask only halfway down the length of the hair so that it does not become excessively greasy.

The advantage of natural cosmetics is that they do not put unnecessary strain on the hair. Our new hemp shampoo without sulphates contains active ingredients from hemp - cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oil. Combined with rosemary and lavender essential oils, it soothes and regenerates the scalp, leaving hair beautiful and strong.

Nourishing oil wraps

You can also support your hair care in winter with an oil wrap once a week - our hemp body and skin oil is very versatile. It restores the natural hair structure, intensively nourishes and protects dry, damaged and frayed hair ends. Add a few drops to your favourite shampoo and see the difference.

Gentle but consistent drying

The principle of proper winter hair care is to dry your hair thoroughly. Wet hair is extremely fragile and susceptible to damage when temperatures change quickly - sudden changes from warm to cold really don't do it any good. Therefore, as a rule, never go out in winter with a wet head. A gentle blow-dry may take a few extra minutes in the bathroom, but your hair will thank you a hundredfold for it.