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Summer is a time of great joy, but it can also be a nightmare for many. High outdoor temperatures, travelling, bathing in various water sources... all of this is undoubtedly a pleasant part of normal summer fun. However, it is also one of the risk factors for intimate problems that many of us are unfortunately familiar with. We are talking about infections, most often of yeast origin, and other complications that can make our everyday life very unpleasant or spoil our holidays. What is even worse is that they tend to return. Try to fight them once and for all with the help of hemp cosmetics.

Preventive measures

The basis for the prevention of these unpleasant difficulties is the observance of several practical procedures. In the summer months, wear preferably comfortable loose-fitting clothing and underwear made of breathable materials. Avoid excessive consumption of sweets, as sugar in this case acts as a breeding ground for harmful yeasts and other microorganisms. Pay increased attention to good hygiene habits in summer and use only proven and gentle washing products. For this purpose, we particularly recommend pure natural cosmetics that do not contain artificial colours or perfumes. When it comes to intimate hygiene, it pays to play it safe and only use products of the highest quality.

Intimate hygiene

Cannabis is also of great benefit for intimate hygiene. Forget perfumed soaps and shower gels. Intimate cleansing and washing products must meet different criteria, they must have an alkaline pH. Try our hemp intimate cleansing gel, which is characterised by a very gentle formula, enriched with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), tea tree oil and rosemary extract. It has a soothing effect and guarantees a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Due to its very mild natural composition, it is suitable for everyday use. You can also reach for it in situations requiring special care. It will also fully meet the higher demands of proper intimate hygiene during the summer months.

Stressful situations not only in the summer months

These include, in particular, menstruation, sexual intercourse (hygiene before and after), sporting activity (especially visiting communal swimming pools and saunas) and other situations accompanied by excessive sweating (e.g. travelling). These include, for example, gynaecological examinations or simple visits to the toilet (especially after defecation, make sure that micro-organisms do not get into the vagina; always wash thoroughly with water; in conditions outside the home - at work, when travelling - keep a suitable wet wipe in reserve to help deal with the situation, at least in a general way). Also be careful when taking antibiotics, which can disrupt the natural microflora of your body in general.

Another advantage of hemp intimate wash gel is that it is also suitable for men. Minimize the amount of cosmetics in your bathroom and choose only those of the highest quality.

Enjoy the summer to the full and don't let it restrict your flight. With the help of quality cannabis cosmetics, your life can be happier.